From AUD $75.00
  • Duration: 2 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Winton, QLD
  • Product code: WDCAVIPA

A visit to Winton means a visit to the Dinosaur Capital of Australia. The small town of Winton is home to two unique attractions, the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History and Dinosaur Stampede National Monument at Lark Quarry Conservation Park. 

If you are planning a trip to Winton, save money and time with a VIP Pass to the town's famed attractions. The VIP Pass is available at both attractions or travellers can save time and purchase their Pass online before their arrival. This pass is valid for one year from purchase!

**Please check calendar for each attractions opening hours over the Christmas period**


The Winton Dinosaur Capital of Australia (WDCOA) VIP Pass includes a guided tour of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum AND Dinosaur Stampede National Monument. The Pass includes a VIP lanyard AND visitor guide to Dinosaur Canyon. 


WHERE: The Museum is approximately 12km south-east of Winton on the Landsborough Highway, then drive 11km (10km sealed and 1km gravel road) up to The Jump-Up. Caravans can be towed to the top or unhitched at the foot of the hill. It is recommended caravans towed by small 2WD vehicles unhitch at the foot of the hill. Driving from Winton to the Museum will take approximately 30 minutes.

WHAT: The Australian Age of Dinosaurs is a museum focused on Australia’s evolutionary history, in particular the discovery, conservation and research of Australia’s dinosaurs. It is a working museum – an education resource, research facility and tourist attraction. It features:

  • the world’s largest collection of fossils from Australia’s largest dinosaurs
  • the most productive fossil preparation laboratory in the Southern Hemisphere 
  • a guided tour including return transfers on the Noble Express shuttle to Dinosaur Canyon where you get the chance to walk amongst life-sized bronze Australian dinosaurs
  • staff and volunteers working on real, 95 million-year old dinosaur bone fossils found in the Winton area and spectacular views from the top of a giant mesa with striking rocky outcrops and canyons, walking trails, animal and bird life - it’s a photographer’s paradise


WHERE: Head 110km south-west from Winton via the Winton Jundah Road. The road to the trackways is suitable for conventional vehicles, however approximately 65km of the road is unsealed. Driving from Winton to Dinosaur Stampede will take approximately two hours.

WHAT: The dinosaur trackways at Dinosaur Stampede National Monument were formed 95 million years ago and is the only known dinosaur stampede in the world. 

Total Timing: 3 hours 45 minutes (includes Australian Age of Dinosaurs self-walk and shuttle bus transfers. Excludes self-transfer to Dinosaur Stampede).